Finding the Right Resources

If you're using the enterprise features of Project Server 2003, and if you're a resource man-FEflTUREil ager with the appropriate permissions, you have access to the Build Team page in Project Web Access.

With the Build Team page, you can search your entire enterprise resource pool to find resources who have the exact skills, availability, resource breakdown structure code, and other traits you need for a given project. Specifically, in the planning processes of your project, when putting together the perfect team to carry out your project, you can:

• Find and add resources to the project by name.

• Find resources associated with a certain title, code, skill set, or other attribute.

• Find resources who are available for work during a certain period of time.

• Replace a resource already on your team with another enterprise resource.

• Find more resources that have the same traits as a resource already on your team.

• Match and replace generic resources in a project with real enterprise resources.

• Tentatively add proposed resources to a project.

Use the Build Team page to find enterprise resources and add them to your project team. The Build Team process adds resources to your project, but does not necessarily assign tasks (unless you replace a resource who has already been assigned to tasks). After the resources are added, they can be assigned to tasks.

Adding Resources to a Project

You might already know exactly which enterprise resources you need to add to a project. If this is the case, find and add resources by name as follows:

1 In the Project Web Access navigation bar, click Projects.

The Project Center appears. If you are working with more than one project, the projects are listed in a summary project Gantt Chart.

2 Click the project to which you want to add resources.

3 Above the Tasks table, click the Build Team button. The Build Team page appears.

4 Click the + button in the Filter Enterprise Resources section.

The section expands to show filters and options for finding resources that meet certain criteria.

5 Specify any filters you want having to do with the skills, availability, or other resource traits you want to find.

You can use the filter to find resources who are associated with a particular RBS level or code, with a particular enterprise resource outline code, or even a multiple-value «

enterprise resource outline code. ®

6 Click Apply Filter. | If you want to show all resources in the enterprise resource pool, click View All. All members of your organization's enterprise resource pool are listed in the Filtered Enterprise Resource table.

7 Scroll through the Filtered Enterprise Resources table to find and select the resource you want to add.

You can select multiple resources at once. Use Shift to select multiple adjacent resources; use Ctrl to select multiple nonadjacent resources.

8 Click the Add button.

The selected resources are added to the Resources In The Project box on the right. This box lists any enterprise and nonenterprise resources that are already added to the selected project. 9 When finished adding resources, click Save Changes.

The newly selected resources are added to the selected project plan.

Replacing and Matching Existing Resources

You can use the Build Team dialog box to replace one resource on a selected project team with another one from the enterprise resource pool, which is useful if you have a local resource in the project that you know has been added to the enterprise resource pool. This is also useful if you want to replace generic resources in your project with real enterprise resources. To replace an existing project team resource with an enterprise resource, follow these steps:

1 In the Projects area, click the project to which you want to add resources.

2 Above the Tasks table, click the Build Team button.

3 In the Build Team page, apply any filters or groups you need to find the replacing resource.

4 In the Resources In The Project box, click the name of the resource you want to replace.

5 In the Filtered Enterprise Resources box, click the name of the replacing resource.

6 Click Replace.

The resource selected in the Filtered Enterprise Resources box replaces the one selected in the Resources In The Project box. If the original resource had reported any actual work on assigned tasks, the original resource remains in the project plan as associated with those assignments. Any remaining work on any tasks assigned to the original resource are now assigned to the replacing resource.


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