Finding the Right Resources for the

You can use the Assign Resources dialog box to narrow your list of resources to only those who meet the criteria needed for the tasks you're assigning. You can filter the resource list to show only those resources who belong to the Marketing department, for example, or only those resources who have a particular job code or skills definition. Using resource fields such as Group or Code comes in handy in these types of scenarios.

If you create and apply resource outline codes, you can also filter for a particular outline code level.

To find resources that meet certain criteria, follow these steps:

1 With the Gantt Chart or other task sheet open, click Assign Resources on the Standard toolbar.

2 In the Assign Resources dialog box, select the check box next to the Filter By box.

If you don't see the Filter By box, click the + Resource List Options button. The dialog box expands to include the Filter By box.

3 In the Filter By list, click the filter that applies to the type of resource you want to find. For example, Group or Resources - Work.

For additional filters, click the More Filters button.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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