Exporting Information from Microsoft Project

You can use information from Microsoft Project in another application and another file format by exporting it. Exporting converts your Microsoft Project information into the file format of another application. You start an export process by simply using the File, Save As command.

To export data from Microsoft Project, follow these steps:

1 In Microsoft Project, open the project that contains the information you want to export.

2 Click File, Save As.

3 In the Save In list, select the drive and folder where you want to save the new exported file.

4 In the File Name box, enter the name for the new exported file.

By default, the name of the project is adopted, and the extension representing the new file format will be added.

5 In the Save As Type list, click the file format to which you want to export your project information. For example, if you want to export your project information to XML, click XML Format (*.xml).

If you want to export your data to a Microsoft SQL Server or an Oracle Server, click the ODBC button and then skip to Step 6.

6 Click the Save button.

The Export Wizard opens and guides you step by step through selecting the specifics of data mapping what you want from Microsoft Project to the target file. Some of the specific steps and choices of the Export Wizard vary depending on the file type you are exporting to.

7 Work through each page of the Export Wizard, clicking Next after making your selections on each page.

8 On the final page, click Finish. Microsoft Project exports your project information to the selected file format.

Tip Use the Export table

If you want to export a wide and representative range of fields, click in the Export Wizard Task Mapping or Resource Mapping page, click the Base On Table button, and then click Export. The task Export table contains more than 70 task fields. The resource Export table contains more than 20 resource fields.

For information about exporting information from Microsoft Project to Excel, see "Importing and Exporting with Excel" on page 521.

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