Evaluating Resource Allocation with Assignment Reports

There are four standard reports in Microsoft Project relating to assignments (see Figure 12-25). You can use these reports to generate to-do lists for resources and their assigned tasks, to follow up with resources and their current task progress, or to determine who has too many assignments in the available time.

Figure 12-25. The Assignment Reports dialog box lists the reports for resources and their assigned tasks.

Using the Who Does What Report

The Who Does What report lists the tasks assigned to each resource (see Figure 12-26). It clearly shows the relative number of assignments for all the project resources. This report can also help you or a resource manager plan for coverage when a resource becomes unavailable.


Figure 12-26. The Who Does What report shows which resources are assigned to which tasks.

The Who Does What report is based on the Usage table for work resources, and also shows assignment schedule information.

For more information about making and changing resource assignments, see Chapter 7, "Assigning Resources to Tasks."

Using the Who Does What When Report

The Who Does What When report is an amplification of the information given in the Who Does What report, adding the daily breakdown of hours of work assigned. Who Does What When is a crosstab report that shows a tabular presentation of work assigned by resource, by assignment, and by day (see Figure 12-27).

Figure 12-27. The Who Does What When report is a daily accounting of resources and their assigned tasks.

Down the left side, you see a list of all resources with all their assigned tasks. Across the top is each day in the project. All work hours for each of those assignments are listed by resource and by day. Not only does this show you how resources are assigned, but you can also easily see when a resource is assigned to excessive amounts of work on a given day.

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