Entering Recurring Tasks

You might have certain tasks that need to be scheduled at regularly occurring intervals. For example, suppose that you have a project team meeting every Thursday morning. Or perhaps you gather information and generate a resource management report the first Monday of each month. Instead of entering the same task every week or every month throughout the span of the project, you can create a recurring task. To do this, follow these steps:

1 Make sure that you're working in the Gantt Chart. If necessary, click View, Gantt Chart.

2 In the Task Name field, click in the row below where you want the recurring task to appear.

3 Click Insert, Recurring Task.

4 In the Recurring Task dialog box, type the name of the recurring task in the Task Name field; for example: Generate resource management report (see Figure 3-13).

Recurring Task Information

Duration: Id

V Sunday V Monday l^ilyesdayj I- Wednesday f Thursday Friday I- Saturday Range of recurrence Start:

Thu 1/1/04

Tue 6/22/04

Calendar for scheduling this task Calendar: [Ñone


V Scheduling ignores resource calendars

Figure 3-13. Specify the name and scheduling details of your recurring task.

5 Under Recurrence Pattern, specify how often the task is to be scheduled; that is, daily, weekly, or monthly.

6 Specify the details of when the task is to take place during that frequency; for example, every other Thursday or the first Monday of every month.

7 Under Range Of Recurrence, specify when the recurring task is to start and end.

8 When finished, click OK.

The recurring task is marked with a recurring task indicator. It's represented with a summary task with all occurrences of the task as subtasks.

Tip View recurring task information

Review the recurrence pattern and range by resting your pointer over the recurring task indi-

Recurring indicator cator. Double-click the recurring task to open the Recurring Task Information dialog box.

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