Embedding Information

An object is a class or a group of data that gets its format from another application. When you embed an object in one application that originated in a different application, you're basically inserting an entire file, with all of its source application's capabilities, into the target application.

For example, suppose that you embed a graphic illustration object created in a graphics application. The object appears in Microsoft Project as if you created it there. If you doubleclick the object, the graphics application in which it was created is launched; you can make changes to the illustration on the spot, save them, and close the application. The changes you made are reflected instantly in the illustration in Microsoft Project.

For embedding to work properly, both the source and target applications must be installed on the same computer or have ready network access to it. Also, because embedding inserts an entire file within another file, embedding uses a large amount of memory while the project is open and makes the target file much larger.

Note Embedding objects between different applications is made possible by the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology. Any application that employs the OLE standard can embed and link information from another application employing that standard.

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