Embedding an Object in the Gantt Chart

Objects you might find useful for embedding in the Gantt Chart include graphic charts of the data, symbols to show significant points, and even cartoons and drawings. Other media forms can be embedded as appropriate, such as sounds and video. To embed an object from another application into the chart portion of the Gantt Chart, follow these steps:

1 Open Microsoft Project and the project plan in which you want to embed the object.

2 Display the Gantt Chart and click in the chart portion of the view to make it active.

3 Click Insert, Object.

4 In the Insert Object dialog box, select the Create From File option.

5 Click the Browse button and find the location of the object you want to embed. Double-click the file.

The file's path and name are entered in the File box in the Insert Object dialog box.

6 If you want the embedded object to be linked to the source, select the Link check box. If you link the object, any changes in the original update the embedded object. Likewise, any changes made in the embedded object are reflected in the original.

If you don't link the object, you're essentially making a copy of the original object, which becomes a separate entity from the original. You can change the embedded version without affecting information in the original.

7 If you want the embedded object to be displayed as an icon in your project rather than showing as the item itself, select the Display As Icon check box.

8 Click OK.

The object appears in the upper-left corner of the Gantt Chart. Move the object to the location you want on the Gantt Chart and resize the image as needed (see Figure 16-12).

Figure 16-12. Embed an object in your project's Gantt Chart to add more information or to dress it up for a presentation.

Tip Embed an object in a header, footer, or legend

You can add an object (for example, a company or project logo) to the project file header, footer, or legend so the object appears when you print a view.

Click File, Page Setup; then click the Header, Footer, or Legend tab. Select the location (Left, Center, Right) for the object; then click Insert Picture. Find and double-click the picture.

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