Embedding an Object in a Note

Insert Object

If the object you want to embed is associated with a particular task, resource, or assignment, you might prefer to embed it in a note. To do this, follow these steps:

1 Display a view that contains the task, resource, or assignment you want to associate with an object.

For example, for tasks, display the Gantt Chart. For resources, display the Resource Sheet. For assignments, display the Task Usage or Resource Usage view.

2 Double-click the task, resource, or assignment to which you want to associate the object.

The Task Information, Resource Information, or Assignment Information dialog box appears.

3 Click the Notes tab.

4 Click the Insert Object button.

5 In the Insert Object dialog box, select the Create From File option.

6 Click the Browse button, find the file you want to embed as an object in the note, and double-click its name.

7 Specify whether you want the embedded object to be linked to the source or displayed as an icon and then click OK.

The object appears in the upper-left corner of the object area in the Task Form (see Figure 16-13).

Figure 16-13. Embed an object in a task note, resource note, or assignment note.


Figure 16-13. Embed an object in a task note, resource note, or assignment note.

Depending on the object's file type, it might be displayed as the file itself; for example, the actual bitmap or the first page of a presentation. Or it might just show the filename. Either way, the object is embedded in your project, associated with the selected task, resource, or assignment. When you double-click the object, the source application opens and the object is displayed. As with any note, the Notes indicator appears in the indicators column in a sheet view when a note is present. Double-click the Notes indicator to quickly open the Notes tab and see the object.

Tip Embed an object in a project note

You can embed an object in a note associated with the project as a whole. First, add the project summary task by clicking Tools, Options, View and then selecting the Show Project Summary Task check box.

Double-click the project summary task. In the Summary Task Information dialog box, click the Notes tab. Click the Insert Object button and add the object.


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