Embedding an Existing Project File in Excel

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To embed an existing Microsoft Project file in Excel, follow these steps:

1 Open the Excel file in which you want to embed the existing Microsoft Project file.

2 Select the location where you want the Microsoft Project object to be embedded.

3 Click Insert, Object.

4 In the Insert Object dialog box, click the Create From File tab.

5 Click the Browse button. The Browse window appears. Navigate through your computer's filing system (and onto your network if applicable) to find the drive and folder where the project file is located.

6 Find and double-click the file.

Its path and name are entered in the File box in the Insert Object dialog box.

7 If you want the embedded Microsoft Project object to be linked to the source file, select the Link check box.

If you link the object, any changes in the source project plan update the embedded object. If you try to change the embedded object, you'll see a message indicating that the object is linked, and you cannot change the information (which protects the integrity of the source information).

If you don't link the object, you're making a copy of the original object, which becomes a separate entity from the original. You can change the embedded project without affecting information in the original project.

8 If you want the embedded project to be displayed as a Microsoft Project icon in Excel, rather than showing a part of the Gantt Chart or other view, select the Display As Icon check box.

9 Click OK.

Part of a view of the selected project file appears in the location you selected (see Figure 17-9).

Figure 17-9. The selected project is embedded in Excel.

If you selected the Display As Icon check box, the embedded project file appears as the Microsoft Project icon (by default) in the selected location. This is most useful when you have limited space in your Excel worksheet.

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