Downloading and Installing the Workgroup Message Handler

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Files and information for installing and enabling workgroup e-mail messaging are available on the Web. To download and install the workgroup message handler, follow these steps:

1 Open your Web browser and go to the Microsoft Download Center at www. microsoft. com/downloads.

2 Under Search For A Download in the Product/Technology box, click Microsoft Project.

3 In the Keywords box, type workgroup message handler.

A list of related downloads appear. Click the download link related to Project 2003.

4 Follow the steps provided to download and install the files for the workgroup message handler on your computer.

After you have installed the workgroup message handler, you need information about spe cific registry settings that enable the message handler in Microsoft Project. To find the Knowledge Base article and set your registry, follow these steps:

1 Using your Web browser, go to the Microsoft Product Support Services Web site at

2 In the Search The Knowledge Base box, type the article ID 818337 or the keywords project workgroup message handler.

3 Under Search Results, find and click the article titled "Configuring Workgroup Mes sage Handler for Microsoft Office Project 2003."

4 Follow the instructions provided to configure and enable the workgroup e-mail mes saging features in Project 2003. These instructions include registry setting updates.

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