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If you want more control over how you or other users enter information in the outline code fields, you can set up a lookup table for them to choose from. A lookup table comprises a list of values for the outline code. To define a lookup table, do the following:

1 In the Customize Fields dialog box, click the outline code for which you want to create a lookup table.

2 Be sure that the code mask is defined for the selected outline code. Click Define Code Mask to set up or review the code mask.

If you try to define a lookup table without a code mask, you'll see errors on each entry.

3 In either the Customize Fields dialog box or the Outline Code Definition dialog box, click the Edit Lookup Table button.


Error Indicator

4 To make the hierarchy levels more apparent as you define lookup values, select the Display Indenting In Lookup Table check box.

With this check box selected, the values you will be entering will be indented according to their level in the hierarchy.

5 Click the first blank cell in the Outline Code column.

6 Type a value in the Outline Code cell.

The format and length of this value must match the first level of your defined code mask. For example, if you specified that the first level in the outline code's hierarchy must be numbers that are 3 characters in length, you must enter a 3-digit number or else an error alert will appear.

7 Click the Description cell and type a meaningful description of the entry.

8 In the Outline Code cell in the second row, enter a value that conforms to the second level in the code mask. Click the Indent button to demote the entry to the next level of the code.

The outline code level appears in the Level column. The indent level, character types (number, uppercase letters, and so on), and then length of each entry must match your code mask. If the value you enter doesn't conform to the code mask defined for that outline level, the entry appears in red with an error indicator in the Level field.

9 Repeat Steps 5 through 8 to define additional values in the lookup table (see Figure 25-28).

Collapsed outline level

Collapsed outline level

Error alert

Figure 25-28. Define values in a lookup table to simplify outline code data entry.

Error alert

Figure 25-28. Define values in a lookup table to simplify outline code data entry.



10 Click the plus and minus signs that precede higher-level values to expand or collapse the outline levels.

11 To promote the entry one level higher in the code, click the Outdent button.

12 When finished defining the lookup table, click Close.

The lookup table is saved with the outline code definition and code mask.

Tip Modify values in a lookup table

To insert a value in the outline, click the Insert Row button. You can also use the Delete Row, Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons to edit the values that already exist in the list.

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