Debugging with Navigation Tools

There are a few other features in the editor that, although frequently used while debugging, are actually tools for navigating within your code. They are most useful in modules that contain many procedures, in which finding a particular item can sometimes be difficult.

Bookmarks (see Figure 31-19) can be used to mark a location in your code. Unlike break-o points, bookmarks can be used anywhere, including blank lines.

® Next Bookmark Clear All Bookmarks

Toggle Bookmark Previous Bookmark

Figure 31-19. Use the bookmark controls on the Edit toolbar to toggle, move between, or delete all bookmarks.

The Definition command (press Shift+F2 or right-click the Code window) moves focus to the location where the procedure or variable under the mouse pointer is defined. If the item is a member of a type library referenced by your project and not defined in your code, focus moves to the appropriate location in the object browser.

The Last Position command (press Ctrl+Shift+F2 or right-click in the Code window) returns focus to the previous location after using the Definition command or changing code. The Last Position command loops through as many as eight locations.

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