Deactivating Users

You can deactivate users from the project server. You deactivate rather than delete resources because even obsolete resources are probably associated with assignments and actuals that are best retained for your archival and historical project data. You can deactivate a resource using either the Admin page in Project Web Access or by checking out the enterprise resource in Project Professional.

To deactivate users with Project Web Access, follow these steps:

In the Admin page of Project Web Access, click Manage Users And Groups in the left pane.

The Users page appears.

In the table, select the account for the user you want to deactivate. Above the table, click Deactivate User. A message appears, asking if you're sure (see Figure 21-20).

Figure 21-20.

Figure 21-20.

Click Yes.

Confirm that you really want to deactivate the selected user.

The selected resource is deactivated. The deactivated user cannot log on to the project server, and other users cannot send updates, tasks, or requests to the deactivated user. To deactivate resources by checking them out in Project Professional, follow these steps:

1 Be sure you're logged in to the project server through Project Professional.

2 In Project Professional, click Tools, Enterprise Options, Open Enterprise Resource Pool. The Open Enterprise Resources dialog box appears.

3 In the Select table, click the names of the resources to be deactivated.

4 Be sure the Read/Write To Check Out option is selected.

5 Click the Open/Add button.

The Checked-Out Enterprise Resources appears as a project plan. The selected resources are listed in the Resource Sheet.

6 Select one or all of the resources and then click Resource Information on the Standard toolbar.

7 In the Resource Information dialog box, be sure the General tab is active.

8 Select the Inactive check box and then click OK.

9 Click File, Close.

10 In the prompt that appears, click Yes to save your changes.

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