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The project database comes with a complete set of fields of varying data types. When you double-click a column heading or click Insert, Column, the Column Definition dialog box appears. In this dialog box, you can modify a few attributes, such as the title or alignment, for some of these built-in fields. Or you might change the font of the fields that appear in a row for a particular task. However, you cannot change what those fields represent or how they are calculated.

For more information about adding fields to tables, see "Using Fields" on page 120. For a complete list of available Microsoft Project fields and their descriptions, see Appendix B, "Field Reference."

If you want to track information that Microsoft Project does not monitor, you can create your own custom fields and add them to tables in your views. For example, you might want ¡0

to track overhead costs that are calculated based on a combination of task duration, number is of resources, and material resources consumed. ra o

Microsoft Project provides several custom fields of each type for tasks and additional custom fields of each type for resources. In addition, there are sets of custom outline codes for both tasks and resources. Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 provides similar sets of enterprise-level custom codes and custom outline codes. With Project Professional 2003, you can define project-related custom fields in addition to task and resource fields.

The custom fields are as follows:

Cost. Cost1 through Cost10 expressed in currency

Date. Date1 through Date10 expressed as a date

Duration. Duration1 through Duration10 expressed as time

Finish. Finish1 through Finish10 expressed as a date

Flag. Flag1 through Flag20 expressed as Yes/No flags

Number. Number1 through Number20 expressed as numeric data

Start. Start1 through Start10 expressed as a date

Text. Text1 through Text30 expressed as alphanumeric text up to 255 characters

Outline Code. Outline Code1 through Outline Code10 (the outline code format is defined by a code mask)

Caution Even though the Start and Finish fields appear in the Custom Field list, Microsoft Project uses these fields to store the dates for interim baseline plans. If you intend to save interim baselines in your project, don't use the custom Start and Finish fields. Information in those fields will be overwritten when you save an interim baseline Instead, use custom Date fields for your customized dates.

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