Customizing Auto Filter Criteria

AutoFilter is an easy way to filter by values in a single field. In addition, you can quickly create custom filters by saving an AutoFilter test. Create and save an AutoFilter when you want to quickly create a filter that operates on only one field at a time.

To create a custom filter using AutoFilter:

Display the sheet view whose rows you want to filter.

Click AutoFilter on the Formatting toolbar. The AutoFilter arrows appear in the column headings for each field in the sheet view (see Figure 25-25).



Task Name

Duratic w |


Finish ^j

â–¡ Conceptual

85 days

Mon 3/8/04

Fri 7/2/04

E Planning and Control

20 days

Mon 3/8/04

Fri 4/2/04

Business plan identifying project opportunity

5 days

Mon 3/8/04

Fri 3/12/04

Define project objective and information needs

5 days

Mon 3/15/04

Fri 3/19/04

Identify industry standards for project objectives

5 days

Mon 3/22/04

Fri 3/26/04

Figure 25-25. When you click the AutoFilter button, AutoFilter arrows appear in every column heading.

3 Click the arrow in the column whose information you want to filter by and then click Custom.

The Custom AutoFilter dialog box appears with the field set to the current column.


4 Click the arrow in the first test box and click the criteria you want to apply.

5 In the first value box, click the arrow, and then enter a value or field name.

6 To add a second test, select the And or Or option.

7 Click the test and value for the second test (see Figure 25-26).

Figure 25-26. Customize and save an AutoFilter. 8 To save the AutoFilter test, click Save, which displays the Filter Definition dialog box. You can enter a filter name and make other changes before you save the filter.

Note To turn off the AutoFilter arrows, click the AutoFilter button on the Formatting toolbar.

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