Customizing a Field

Custom fields already exist; you can't introduce new fields into the project database. Unlike the standard fields in the Microsoft Project database, you can modify the valid values for custom fields or specify how their values are calculated. You can control how their summary values are determined. If you don't want to display the values for a custom field, you can substitute graphical indicators.

Follow these steps to customize a field:

1 Click Tools, Customize, Fields.

The Customize Fields dialog box appears.

2 Click the Custom Fields tab to display the options for a custom field (see Figure 25-14).


Figure 25-14. Create an alias, a list of values, a formula for calculation, or set additional options for a custom field.

3 Select the Task or Resource option to specify whether this will be a task or resource field.

4 Choose the type of custom field you want to customize in the Type box.

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