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After you plan and track a few projects to completion using Microsoft Project, you'll see that you're recording valuable information in your project plans. Of course, you'll archive your project plan for historical purposes. However, you can also use an existing or completed project plan as the basis for a template that will save you and others a great deal of time when planning future projects.

By creating your own template, you can save task and resource information, format settings, project-specific options, calendars, macros, and other elements that you've used successfully in other projects. Any Microsoft Project file can be saved as a template.

To save an existing project file as a template for future use by you or other project managers, follow these steps:

1 Open the project file you want to save as a template.

2 Click File, Save As.

3 In the Save As Type list, click Template (*.mpt).

The filename changes from the .mpp extension to .mpt, indicating that a copy of the regular project plan file will be saved as a template file. Also, the file is moved to the Templates folder. As long as your template is stored in this folder, it will appear in the -2

Templates dialog box. J:

4 Click the Save button. The Save As Template dialog box appears (see Figure 28-10).

Save As Template

You are about to save a file as a template. If you wish, you can choose not to save certain data from your file in the template.

at a that you do not want saved in the template: iselinesi

Select the ty riy^

r Actual Values r Resource Rates

Fixed Costs

Whether tasks have been published to Project Server


Figure 28-10. The file might include tracking and other specific information not appropriate for a template. Select the information you want to exclude from the template.

5 Select the check box for any item you do not want to be saved as part of the template and then click the Save button.

The file is saved as a template in your Microsoft Templates folder on your computer's hard disk.

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