Creating ToDo Lists

While you review and analyze projects and resources in Project Web Access, you might have a number of activities you want to keep track of. They're probably not tasks that belong in a project plan; they're just a list of reminders to yourself. You can create a to-do list for yourself to keep track of these kinds of tasks.

To create a to-do list, follow these steps:

1 On the navigation bar, click Project.

2 In the side pane, click Create A New Personal Or Shared To-Do List.

3 Click Next.

The To-Do List Options page appears (see Figure 24-13).

Figure 24-13. Set up a to-do list for yourself.

4 Work through the page to create your to-do list.

You can create multiple to-do lists, possibly for different categories. Your personal todo lists are stored only in your own Microsoft Project Web Access site, and are not included in any public or project information.

Tip Assigning and publishing to-do lists for others

You can also create to-do lists for other users. You can create a to-do list and assign it to an individual user. You can also publish a to-do list for all users.

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