Creating the Finishto Start Task Dependency

The most typical link is the finish-to-start task dependency. With this link, the predecessor task must finish before the successor task can begin. To link tasks with the finish-to-start task dependency, follow these steps:

1 Display the Gantt chart. You can set task dependencies in any task sheet, but you can see the effects of the links immediately in the Gantt Chart.

2 In the task sheet, select the two tasks you want to link. Drag from the predecessor to the successor task if they are right next to each other. If they are not adjacent tasks, click the predecessor, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click the successor.

3 On the Standard toolbar, click Link Tasks. The tasks are linked in the chart portion of the Gantt chart. In addition, the Predecessor field of the successor task lists the task l . T . number for its predecessor (see Figure 5-10).


Task Name




Mar 7, '04

Mar 14,'04

Mar 21, '

S|M|T |W|T |F |S




E Framing

21 days

Mon 3/8/04

Mon 4/5/04


Install 1 st floor joists

2 days

Mon 3/8/04

Tue 3/9/04


Lay 1 st floor decking

2 days

Wed 3/10/04

Thu 3/11 /04 Wed 3/17/04 Thu 3/18/04 Mon 3/22/04


Frame 1 st floor walls

4 days

Fri 3/12/04


Frame 1st floor corners

1 day

Thu 3/18/04


Install 2nd floor joists

2 days

Fri 3/19/04


Frame 2nd floor decking

2 days

Tue 3/23/04

Wed 3/24/04 Mon 3/29/04 Wed 3/31 «4 Fri 4/2/04


Frame 2nd floor walls

3 days

Thu 3/25/04


Frame 2nd floor corners

2 days

Tue 3/30/04


Complete roof framing

2 days

Thu 4/1/04


Conduct framing inspection

1 day

Mon 4/5/04

Mon 4/5/04 Wed 4«'14/04


E Dry In

7 days?

Tue 4/6/04

Figure 5-10. Linked tasks in the Gantt chart.

Figure 5-10. Linked tasks in the Gantt chart.

Tip Link multiple tasks at once

You can link multiple tasks at one time, as long as they all have the same type of task dependency. Select all the tasks that are to be linked, either by dragging across adjacent tasks or by clicking nonadjacent tasks while holding down the Ctrl key. On the Standard toolbar, click Link Tasks.

Tip Set multiple links to a single task

You can have multiple links to and from a single task. One task might be the predecessor for several other tasks. Likewise, one task might be the successor for several tasks. There's no difference in how you set the links. Select the two tasks and click Link Tasks on the Standard toolbar. Or select the successor and then set the predecessor and link type on the Predecessors tab in the Task Information dialog box.

Tip Link tasks by dragging between Gantt bars

In the chart portion of the Gantt chart, drag from the middle of the predecessor Gantt bar to the middle of the successor Gantt bar. Before you drag, be sure that you see a crosshair mouse pointer. This method creates a finish-to-start task dependency between them.

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