Creating Milestones in Your Schedule

You can designate certain tasks as milestones in your project plan. Having milestones flagged in your project plan and visible in your Gantt chart helps you see when you've achieved another benchmark. Milestones often indicate the beginning or ending of major phases or the completion of deliverables in your project. As you complete each milestone, you come ever closer to completing the project. Milestones are also excellent reporting points.

A milestone, as such, has no additional calculation effect on your schedule. However, you typically link a milestone to other tasks. You might also set a date constraint on a milestone.

The simplest method for entering a milestone is to create the task that's worded like a milestone (for example, "First floor construction complete") and enter a duration of 0. Any task with a 0 duration is automatically set as a milestone. The milestone marker and date are drawn in the chart area of the Gantt chart (see Figure 5-19).

Task Name


I May 2, '04 I May 9, "04

TlMsIs M T |W|T |F I S I S IM I T W|T F


Strip basement wall forms

S days


Waterprooflinsulate basement walls

2 days



Perform foundation inspection

1 day



Backfill foundation

3 days

r h


Foundation complete


f 5/11

Figure 5-19. Microsoft Project interprets any task with a 0 duration as a milestone.

However, a milestone doesn't have to have a 0 duration. You might want to make the final task in each phase a milestone, and these are real tasks with real durations. To change a regular task into a milestone, follow these steps:

1 Select the task you want to become a milestone.

2 On the Standard toolbar, click Task Information and then click the Advanced tab.

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