Creating Interactive Filters

In many cases, you want to supply different values to a filter each time you use it. Interactive filters request values and then filter based on the values you provide.

To create an interactive filter, follow these steps:

1 In the Filter Definition dialog box for a new filter, type a descriptive name for the filter in the Name box.

2 Click the field and test for the filter.

3 In the Value(s) cell, type a text string followed by a question mark (see Figure 25-23).

Figure 25-23. Create a filter that waits for user input.

Figure 25-23. Create a filter that waits for user input.

When you apply your new interactive filter, the text string you entered appears as a prompt in a dialog box (see Figure 25-24). The question mark instructs Microsoft Project to pause until the user enters the value.

Should Have Started

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Figure 25-24. When you create an interactive filter, a dialog box appears, asking for the information you specified.

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