Creating Filters

If you can't find a filter similar to what you want, you can create one. You can filter on any field or combination of fields in Microsoft Project, including custom fields that you defined. To create a new filter, follow these steps:

1 Click Project, Filtered For, More Filters.

2 In the More Filters dialog box, select the Task or Resource option to create a task or resource filter and then click New.

3 In the Filter Definition dialog box, type a descriptive name for the filter in the Name box.

4 If you want the new filter to appear on the Filtered For menu, select the Show In Menu check box.

5 Enter the field, test, and values that define your filter criteria.

6 To include the summary rows for the tasks or resources that meet the filter criteria, select the Show Related Summary Rows check box.

Tip Use wildcard characters to locate the text you want

You can compare a text field value to a string with wildcard characters when you use the Equals or Does Not Equal tests. Wildcard characters include the following:

• * represents one or more characters.

• ? represents any single character.

For example, DB* matches DB Developer, DB Administrator, and DB Designer. Des??? matches Design, but does not match Describe.

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