Creating Filters with Multiple Tests

Sometimes it takes more than one or two criteria to filter the list to your satisfaction. You can create filters in which tasks or resources must meet at least one of the criteria.

To define multiple filter criteria, follow these steps:

1 In the Filter Definition dialog box, type a descriptive name for the filter in the Name box.

2 In the first row in the table, specify the field, test, and value for the first set of filter criteria.

3 In the second row, click the And/Or cell in the second row, and click And or Or.

If you click And, the filter displays only elements that meet both criteria. The filter displays tasks that meet one or both of the criteria when you click Or.

4 Specify the field, test, and values for the second set of filter criteria.

5 Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4 for any additional tests you want to define for the filter, defining each test on a separate row in the table and relating them with an And or Or.

When there are more than two sets of criteria, filters evaluate tests in the order in which they occur in the filter definition. The filter displays elements based on the results of the first two tests. It then compares those results to the outcome of the next test. The filter continues until there are no further tests to evaluate.

In some cases, you might want to adjust the order in which the tests are evaluated. For exam-o ple, you might want to filter tasks first for those that use a particular resource and that aren't tt yet complete. Then you want to further filter the list for tasks that start and finish within a

2 particular date range. You can group the filter criteria by clicking And or Or in the And/Or cell of an otherwise empty row.

Do the following to group criteria within a filter:

1 Define one or more tests for the first group of filter criteria.

2 In the next blank row after the first group of criteria, click the And/Or cell, and then click And or Or. Keep the rest of this row blank.

This blank row containing only And or Or creates the grouping between the first set of filter criteria and the second set.

3 In the next row, define the tests for one or more additional filter criteria (see Figure 25-22).

Filter Definition in '25Design.mpp'

Name: Incomplete Using Resource In Date Range Filter:

_| Insert Row Delete Row

Name: Incomplete Using Resource In Date Range Filter:

_| Insert Row Delete Row


Field Name



% Work Complete

is less than


Resource Names


"Show tasks assigned to resources"



is greater than or equal to

"That start or finish after:"?



is less than or equal to

P i ..' related summary n Help

P i ..' related summary n Help

Figure 25-22. Control the order of test evaluation for a filter with And or Or operators.

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