Creating and Customizing Menus

Menus are simply toolbars with a different presentation style, and they can contain commands or other menus. Although toolbars are thriftier with space, menus can display a description of the commands or submenus.

Tip Share modified toolbars and menus

Toolbars and menus belong to the entire Microsoft Project application, not just to a particular project. They are stored in the global template by default. When you modify a toolbar or menu, the modified version is available no matter which project you open.

To share a customized toolbar with someone else, copy it from the global template to a project file and then send the project file to that person. He or she can use the Organizer to copy the toolbar to their global template.

You can add, remove, or rearrange commands and submenus on a menu. You can also specify whether the menu displays buttons or text, and change the appearance of buttons as you do for toolbars.

To add a menu to another menu, follow these steps:

1 Click Tools, Customize, Toolbars. The Customize dialog box appears.

2 Click the Commands tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Categories list and click New Menu. New Menu is the only command in the New Menu category.

3 Drag the New Menu command to the location where you want to insert it (see Figure 26-6).

: 0] File Edit View Insert Format Tools Project Collaborate Window | New Menu | Help

Figure 26-6. You can insert a menu or command on a menu bar.

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