Creating a New View

If none of the existing views come close to meeting your needs, you can create an entirely new single pane or combination view. To do this, follow these steps:

1 Click View, More Views.

2 In the More Views dialog box, click New.

3 In the Define New View dialog box, select either the Single View or Combination View option and then click OK. ¡0 The View Definition dialog box for the type of view you selected appears.

4 Specify the contents of the view, as described in the previous section, "Changing the g Content of a View."

Tip Applying a view quickly

You can use the keyboard to choose a view from the View menu by assigning a keyboard shortcut. In the View Definition dialog box for the view, type an ampersand (&) before the letter in the view name that you want to use for the shortcut and then save the customized view.

When you want to use your keyboard shortcut, press Alt+V to open the View menu and then press the shortcut letter to apply the view. This works for built-in views as well as your custom views.

Use a different letter for each keyboard shortcut. If you choose a letter that is already in use by another menu entry, you might have to press the letter more than once to apply the view you want.

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