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You can create a new Excel workbook or chart as an embedded object in your project. In this case, the new Excel object exists only within your project file. To do this, follow these steps:

1 In your project plan, display the location where you want to embed the object. Only the chart area of a Gantt chart and the Notes tab in the Task Information, Resource Information, or Assignment Information dialog box can accept an Excel file as an embedded object.

2 Click Insert, Object.

3 In the Insert Object dialog box, be sure that the Create New option is selected.

4 In the Object Type box, click Microsoft Excel Chart or Microsoft Excel Worksheet.

5 Specify whether you want the new object to be displayed as an icon in the project, and then click OK.

An Excel worksheet or chart appears in the location you selected (see Figure 17-7).

Figure 17-7. Embed a new chart in your project plan. 6 Double-click the Excel object to start adding your information.

Tip Delete an embedded Excel object

To delete an embedded object anywhere in your project plan, click it and then press Delete.

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