Creating a New Base Calendar for Resources

If you find you're making the same modifications to individual resource calendars repeatedly, you might do well to create an entirely new base calendar and apply it to the applicable resources. If you have a group of resources who work a different schedule, for example, a weekend shift or "four-tens," create a new base calendar and apply it to those resources. To create a new base calendar:

1 Click Tools, Change Working Time.

2 Click the New button.

The Create New Base Calendar dialog box appears (see Figure 6-12).

Create New Base Calendar


C Create new base calendar

Make a copy of | Standard

j calendar


OK 1 Cancel

Figure 6-12. You can create a new base calendar from scratch or adapt it from an existing one.

3 In the Name box, type the name you want for the new base calendar; for example, Weekend Shift.

4 Select the Create New Base Calendar option if you want to adapt your calendar from the Standard base calendar.

Select the Make A Copy Of option if you want to adapt the new calendar from a different base calendar, such as the Night Shift. Click the name of the existing calendar you want to adapt and click OK.

5 Make the changes you want to the working days and times of individual days or of a particular day of every week, as needed.

6 When finished with your new base calendar, click OK.

When you create a new base calendar, it becomes available in any of the three calendar applications: project calendar, task calendar, or resource calendar. To assign the new base calendar to a resource, follow these steps:

1 Display the Resource Sheet or other resource view.

2 Double-click the resource to whom you want to assign the new base calendar. The Resource Information dialog box appears.

3 Click the Working Time tab.

4 In the Base Calendar field, select the base calendar you want to apply to the selected resource.

5 Make any additional changes to the calendar as needed for this resource.

These changes apply only to the selected resource; they do not change the original base calendar.

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