Creating a Calculated Field

You can calculate the value of a custom field by defining a formula made up of functions and other fields in the Microsoft Project database.

To define a formula for a calculated field, follow these steps:

1 In the Customize Fields dialog box, click the Formula option.

2 Click the Formula button.

The Formula dialog box appears and displays the custom field name followed by an equal sign above the Formula Edit box.

3 To add a field to the formula, click Field, point to the field category, and then click the field you want to add.

4 To type a value in the formula, click the location in the formula where you want to insert the value and then type the text or number.

5 To add a function to the formula, click one of the function buttons; or click Function, point to the function category, and then click the function you want to add.

6 To direct the order that functions execute, insert parentheses in the formula (see Figure 25-16).

Figure 25-16. Build a formula using numerous functions and any field in the Project database.

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