Create a Status Report

You can use Project Web Access to design a status report for other project resources to complete and submit to you periodically. You set up the time period and the headings. At the designated time periods, the individuals write their status report and submit it to the project server. You can review the status reports individually or have the project server compile them for an integrated project status report.

You need to request the status report only when you first set it up. Resources see automated reminders in their Project Web Access Home page when a status report is coming due.

To set up a narrative status report, follow these steps:

1 In your Web browser, log on to Project Web Access and then click Status Reports in the navigation bar (see Figure 24-9).

Figure 24-9. Click Request A Status Report to design a narrative periodic status report.

2 In the side pane, click Request A Status Report.

3 Complete the options on the page and then click Next.

4 Work through the succeeding pages to design the status report the way you need (see Figure 24-10).


'3 Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003 - ps2 - Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Address http://ps2/projectserver/5tatusReports/StatusReportWizard2.asp


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Project Web Access

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Step 3 of 4

Request a status report

Request a status report Specify the status report sections.

Indicate the topics you want your resources to report on by entering a title and a brief description for each section of the report.

1 Title

2 Who should report i 3 Status report sections

4 Send the request

Actions: Status reports

1 Major Accomplishments

| Objectives for the Next Period

Hot Issues

| Insert Row


| Delete Row

1 iBack 1


| | Cancel

Submit a status report Request a status report |

O Trusted sites

Figure 24-10. Specify the major topics for the status report.

5 Click Next after each page.

6 On the final page, click Send.

The status report request, details, and schedule are sent to your specified resources.

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