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Anything in a Microsoft Project table can easily be copied and pasted into Excel worksheet cells. Unlike copying from Excel to Microsoft Project, you do not need to match columns or data types because all Excel fields can accept any data types.

To copy Microsoft Project table cells and paste them into Excel worksheet cells, follow these steps:

1 In Microsoft Project, display the view that contains the information you want to copy to Excel. If necessary, apply a different table or add a column that contains the information you need.

2 Select the cells or columns you want to copy.

To select a column, click its heading. Select multiple adjacent columns by dragging across the column headings. Select multiple nonadjacent columns by holding down Ctrl while you click each column heading.

3 On the Standard toolbar, click Copy Cell.

4 In Excel, select the anchor cell in the worksheet where you want the incoming information to begin to be pasted. This anchor cell will become the location of the upper-left cell of data selected in Microsoft Project.

5 On the Standard toolbar, click Paste.

The selected project data is inserted into the Excel worksheet starting at the anchor cell. Adjust column widths in the worksheet as necessary to see the data (see Figure 17-4).

Figure 17-4. Your project data is pasted into the Excel worksheet.

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