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You can copy a picture of any Microsoft Project view and then paste it into Excel. To do this, follow these steps:

In Microsoft Project, display the view you want to capture as a picture for Excel. Manipulate the view to show the information the way you want it to appear in the target application.

Click Edit, Copy Picture.

In the Copy Picture dialog box, select the options you want.

In the Render Image section, select whether the image is to be viewed on a computer screen (the default), to be printed, or to be used in a GIF image file. In the Copy section, select the Rows On Screen option (the default) if you want the rows currently showing on the screen to be copied, or if only selected rows should be copied.

In the Timescale section, select the As Shown On Screen option (the default) if you want the timescale to be represented as set in the current view. Select the From and To boxes if you want to specify the timescale and date range now. When finished setting the Copy Picture options, click OK.

In Excel, select the location in the worksheet where you want to paste the picture of the view.

On the Standard toolbar, click Paste.

A static picture of the Microsoft Project view is pasted into Excel (see Figure 17-5). You can move the image by dragging it. You can also resize the image by dragging any of the edges.

Figure 17-5. The copied picture of your Microsoft Project view is pasted into Excel.

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