Copying from Another Application to Microsoft Project

You can copy information from another application—for example, Microsoft Access or Microsoft Word—and insert it into Microsoft Project. You select and copy the source data, select the cell in Microsoft Project in which you want the data to start being inserted, and then paste the data. This is a good way to get project-related information that was created by others in another application into your Microsoft Project file. For example, suppose that you asked your manufacturing manager to put together a detailed task list of the process that will be used to manufacture your new product. He completes the list, including tasks and resource assignments, using Microsoft Access.

You do need to be mindful of the order in which data is being pasted and inserted into the project table. The type of data you're pasting must match the field type in which the data is being pasted, or you'll get a series of error messages. For example, if you copied a column of text next to a column of numbers, in Microsoft Project it must be pasted into a text field column that's next to a number field column. To make sure the fields match, you can either set up the source information in the proper order or you can rearrange columns in a Microsoft Project table.

To copy the information you need from Microsoft Access into Microsoft Project, follow these steps:

1 Open the source application and file.

2 Select the rows or columns you want to copy and then click Edit, Copy. If available, you can also click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.

3 Open Microsoft Project and the project plan in which you want to insert the copied information.

4 Apply the view and table that represents the closest match to the types of information cn you'll be pasting.

If you need to add any columns to match the incoming information, click the column to the left of where you want to insert the new field. Click Insert, Column. In the Field Name list, click the name of the field you want and then click OK.

5 Click the cell in which you want the incoming information to begin to be pasted.

6 On the Standard toolbar, click Paste.

The copied information is pasted into the columns you've prepared.

Pasting data into Microsoft Project overwrites data in the target cells. If this is not your intention, insert the appropriate number of empty rows in the sheet before giving the Paste command.

Based on the newly inserted information, other project data might be automatically populated and calculated. Review other fields on this and other tables. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your project data is accurate.

Note Any information that can be moved to the Clipboard using the Copy command can be pasted into Microsoft Project, but not all views accept all types of data. For example, you can paste objects such as pictures only into the chart portion of the Gantt Chart. Nothing can be pasted into the Network Diagram.

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