Controlling Project Documents

Through Windows SharePoint Services and Project Server, you can establish a document library associated with your project. The Project Web Access document library can be an excellent repository for project-related documents, including needs analyses, scope definition, product specifications, deliverable documents, team contact information, change-control plan, status reports, and more.

A central location for public documents related to your project can enhance collaboration and the project management process, ensuring that you and other project team members have all essential information at their disposal.

Depending on how your permissions are set, you might be able to add a document, view documents, and search for documents in the document library. When adding a new document, you enter the filename and location for the document, specify the owner and status (for example, Draft, Reviewed, Final, and so on), and enter any pertinent comments. You can also associate a document with specific tasks if you want.

After the project server administrator sets up and configures Windows SharePoint Services and the Document Library specific to your team, you can see documents directly from your Project Web Access site. „

New in Project 2003 is version control. Document versions can now be controlled using ®

checkin and checkout processes. If a document is checked out, only the user who has checked J2

it out can save to it. Multiple versions of a document can be compared and archived separately. When a document is linked to a project or individual tasks, the most current version of the document is linked.

To work with the document management features, follow these steps:

1 In the Project Web Access navigation bar, click Documents.

The View And Upload Documents In All Projects page appears (see Figure 23-20).

Figure 23-20. View and work with the document library. 2 Click a project to review its documents or to add a new document library.

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