Configuring Update Options

You can specify events that take place relative to your project server and your team members' Timesheets when the following take place:

• You save changes to your project plan.

• You publish new or changed tasks to the project server.

• You accept updates or status reports from team members.

Use settings on the Collaborate tab in the Options dialog box to specify how you want to handle updated task information, as follows:

1 Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server and that your project is checked out and displayed. ™

2 Click Tools, Options and then click the Collaborate tab. a.

The Collaborate tab includes various options for you and your team members work- °

ing with assignments via Project Server (see Figure 22-23).

3 Under On Every Save, specify what information, if any, you want published to the project server whenever you save your project. This applies to saving while you're working on the project as well as saving just before you close the file and check it back in.

Select the New And Changed Assignments check box if you want to publish all changes that affect any assignments, which ensures that your team members always have the very latest information from your project plan.

Select the Project Summary check box if you just want to publish the top-level information about the project, including project start and finish date, total duration, total work, and total cost.



Interface Calculation

Edit Security Spelling



Interface Calculation

Edit Security Spelling

Collaboration options for 'CP_0701173552_001. Published' Collaborate using: | Microsoft Offii

Project Server URL: | http://ps2/proiectservs Identification for Project Server:

P" Windows user account (5W5-XP-LAPTOP\Teresa Stover) C Microsoft Office Project user name '5W5-XP-LAPTOP\Teresa Stover' (go to the General tab to change the user name)

Test Connection

E-mail address:

W Allow resources to delegate tasks using Project Server

"Publish New and Changed Assignments" updates resources' assignments when:

<7 Startj Finish, % Complete or outline changes C AnVtask information changes

On every savej publish the following information to Project Server: V New and Changed assignments I- Project summary ^ Including full project plan

Figure 22-23. Specify your workgroup options on the Collaborate tab.

Select the Including Full Project Plan check box if you want to publish the entire project plan to the project server every time you save.

Which of these check boxes you select depends on how you, your team members, and other stakeholders use the information from your project server. If you prefer, you can keep all these check boxes clear, which is the default. You can have your project information published only when you explicitly specify, using the Publish commands on the Collaborate menu.

4 Under "Publish New And Changed Assignments" Updates Resources' Assignments When, specify the conditions that warrant your team members' assignment information being updated.

Select the Start, Finish % Complete Or Outline Changes option when you want team members' assignments to be updated when you've made these specific types of schedule changes and you've given the Collaborate, Publish, New And Changed Assignments command. This option is selected by default.

Select the Any Task Information Changes option when you want team members' assignments to be updated when you've made any changes to tasks in the project plan and you've given the Collaborate, Publish, New And Changed Assignments command.

5 Select or clear the Allow Resources To Delegate Tasks Using Project Server, depending on whether you want resources to be able to transfer assigned tasks to other project team members.

Other Project Web Access Timesheet update and status options are set through the project server administrator. Work with your administrator to set up the Timesheets the way you need for your project while adhering to organization standards.

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