Choosing the Best Method for Entering Actuals

There are several methods of tracking actual progress information in your project plan. How do you decide which method to use?

The first consideration is the level of detail you need. Your managing stakeholders might expect you to report at a certain level of detail at the weekly status meetings. Or you might need reliable historical information from this project because it's serving as a benchmark for similar future projects.

The second consideration is time. Will you have time to enter detailed progress information, or will you be so busy managing the project and perhaps working on your own assigned tasks that you won't be able to keep track of everything with an adequate amount of detail? What about your team members? Are they going to be too stretched to complete an electronic or paper timesheet? If you're using Project Server and Project Web Access, certain processes are automated for you, but they might still take time for your team members.

The third consideration is whether you've assigned resources to tasks in your project plan. Obviously, resources will carry out the tasks one way or the other. But if you've chosen not to include resources in your project plan, you have fewer available tracking methods.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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