Change the Data Type in an Excel Column

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After exporting your project information to Excel, if you need to, you can change the data type of a field of information from text, for example, to numbers. For example, Duration fields are exported as text. You can easily change that text to numbers so you can run calculations on them.

In Excel, select the column heading and then click Format, Cells. Click the Number tab if necessary. Under Category, select General, Number, or Currency, as appropriate (see Figure 13-9). Set any number attributes you want and then click OK.

Figure 13-9. Use the Number tab in the Format Cells dialog box in Excel to change the data type or number format of a set of exported project fields.

Even though the Task Mapping page of the Microsoft Project Export Wizard says they're Text fields, currency fields (such as Cost and Actual Cost) and earned value currency fields (such as BCWS and VAC) are automatically formatted as currency in Excel.

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