Capturing a View for Word Power Point or Visio

Using a new wizard in Project 2003, you can now easily copy a view in Microsoft Project and paste it into a file in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Visio. This procedure works for version 2000 or later for all these applications.

To copy a picture of a Microsoft Project view to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Visio, follow these steps:

1 Click View, Toolbars, Analysis.

^ Copy Picture to Office Wizard

Copy Picture To Office Wizard

2 On the Analysis toolbar that appears, click Copy Picture To Office Wizard.

3 Read the first page of the wizard and then click Next.

4 Select options on the second page of the wizard to reflect how you want the Project view to appear in the Office application.

These options differ depending on the type of view. For example, a Gantt Chart presents different options from the Resource Graph.

5 Click Next.

Review the third page of the wizard, which you can use to preview the picture and then select the target Office application (see Figure 16-5).

Figure 16-5. Use the Copy Picture To Office Wizard to create an image of a Microsoft Project view for Word, PowerPoint, or Visio.

6 Click the Preview button.

A picture of the view is exported and saved according to the options you selected. A browser window appears, showing the generated picture.

7 Return to Microsoft Project and the wizard. Under Application, click the program the picture is intended for.

If necessary, select whether the picture should be presented in portrait or landscape orientation. Click Next.

The option for any program not installed on your computer is dimmed.

8 Select any Microsoft Project fields you want to export along with the picture of the view. The available fields are listed in the Microsoft Office Project Fields box. Click one or more fields (using Shift or Ctrl to select multiple fields) and then click Add. Click the Move buttons if necessary to rearrange the position of selected fields listed in the Fields To Export box. Then click Finish.

The picture of the Microsoft Project view with any selected fields is exported and saved to the selected Microsoft Office application.

9 In the final window of the wizard, click Close.

The selected Office application opens and displays the picture.

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