Backing Up Your Project Files

It's always a good policy to have at least two copies of any important computer file. This way, if the file is inadvertently deleted or somehow is corrupted (or if you get a little crazy with your what-if scenarios), you have another file to go back to.

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Note You cannot create backups of project files if the project is stored on Project Server or if you are running Project Professional in online mode.

To automatically create backups of active project files, do the following:

1 Click File, Save As.

2 In the Save As dialog box, click Tools and then click General Options. The Save Options dialog box appears (see Figure 29-8).

Figure 29-8.


Figure 29-8.


Use the Save Options dialog box to set up file backups and

3 Select the Always Create Backup check box.

The backup copy adopts the same filename as the original project file, but has a different extension. BAK is appended to the filename of all backup copies. For example, the backup file of "deployment.mpp" is "deployment.bak."

To restore a backup file as a regular project file, follow these steps:

On the Standard toolbar, click the Open button.

In the Open dialog box, browse, if necessary, to the drive and folder where the backup file is stored.

Be sure that All Files (*.*) is selected in the Files Of Type box.

Otherwise, files ending in .bak will not appear in the list.

Find the backup file and double-click it.

Microsoft Project opens the backup file.

Click File, Save As.

The Save As dialog box appears.

If necessary, browse to the location where you want to save the restored backup project file.

Enter a new filename for the restored backup file.

Make sure that Projects (*.mpp) is selected in the Save As Type box.

Click Save.

Tip Keep a backup on a separate drive

Your project BAK file is a great contingency in case your project file is accidentally deleted or corrupted. However, if both the project and the backup are saved on the same drive and that drive crashes, your backup will be lost as well. Remember to periodically save a backup to an alternate drive.

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