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You can make Microsoft Project the central repository for all your important project documentation. For example, you might want to attach or link your scope statement to your project plan, as well as other documents such as the needs analysis, market study, and product specifications.

Showing the Project Summary Task

To attach planning documentation to your project, the first step is to display the project summary task. Not only does the project summary task eventually provide summary date and

cost information for the project as a whole, it can serve as the location for your attached or linked planning documents. To display the project summary task, follow these steps:

1 Click Tools, Options and then click the View tab.

2 Under Outline Options, select the Show Project Summary Task check box.

3 Click OK.

A summary task appears in Row 0 of the Gantt Chart (see Figure 3-7), adopting the name of the file as the project summary task name.

If you want to change the name, click in the Task Name field for the project summary task. Edit the name in the entry field above the task sheet.


Task Name


Dec 28, '03

Jan 4, "04 Jan 11, "04


S|M muTJs



B Business Startup Plan

124 days


B Phase 1 Strategic Plan

23 days


B Self-Assessment

3 days

—I Mull

jiiness Art visor .Manaqer r j .Mdimyei


Define business vision

1 day

Identify available skills, in"

1 day


Decide whether to procei

1 day


B Define the Opportunity

10 days

|_ .business advisoi


Research the market and

1 day

a Figure 3-7. Use the project summary task to attach or link planning documents.

t w Copying a Document into Your Project File

You can include documents created in other programs within Microsoft Project. Although this can significantly increase your file size, you'll know that all your project information is stored in one place. To include the documents, follow these steps:

With the project summary task selected, click Task Information on the Standard toolbar and then click the Notes tab.

You can also double-click the task to open the Summary Task Information dialog box. On the Notes tab, click the Insert Object button.

In the Insert Object dialog box, select the Create From File option and then click the Browse button.

In the Browse dialog box, select the project planning document you want to attach or embed into your project file. Click the Insert button.

Back in the Insert Object dialog box again (see Figure 3-8), select the Display As Icon check box.

If the document is small, consider clearing the Display As Icon check box. Clearing this check box embeds the content of the file into your project Notes box, so you can read it directly from there.

Task Information

Insert Object

Figure 3-8. The selected document will be embedded in your project plan. 6 Click OK.

The document's icon appears in the Notes area of the Summary Task Information dialog box (see Figure 3-9).

Figure 3-9. Double-clicking the icon opens it in its originating application. 7 In the Summary Task Information dialog box, click OK.

The Notes indicator appears in the Gantt Chart (see Figure 3-10).


Task Name



B Business Startup Plan

124 days


E Phase 1 - Strategic Plan

23 days


E Self-Assessment

3 days


Define business vision

1 day


Identify available skills, in°

1 day

Figure 3-10. When you store something in a Notes tab, the Notes indicator appears in the corresponding row of the Gantt Chart.

Now, whenever you need to review the document, just double-click the Notes indicator to open the Notes tab of the Summary Task Information dialog box. Then double-click the document icon.

For more information about embedding, see "Embedding Information" on page 479.

Insert Hyperlink o


Hyperlinking a Document from Your Project File

You can also hyperlink to a document from Microsoft Project. Hyperlinking is a preferred method when you want to keep your file size trimmer and you know that your project plan and associated planning documents will always be in the same place. It's also a very efficient method for opening associated documents quickly. To insert a hyperlink, follow these steps:

1 With the project summary task selected, click Insert Hyperlink on the Standard toolbar.

2 In the Text To Display box, type a descriptive name for the document to which you are linking; for example, Project Scope Statement.

3 Find and select the project planning document you want to link to your project file (see Figure 3-11).

Figure 3-11. The path and name of the selected document appear in the Address box.

4 Click OK.

^ 5 The Hyperlink indicator appears in the Indicators field of the Gantt Chart.

Hyperlink Now, whenever you need to review the document, just click the Hyperlink indicator. The indicator document opens in its own application window.

For more information, see "Hyperlinking to Documents in Other Applications" on page 492.

If you're using Project Professional with Project Server for enterprise project management, the preferred method for keeping all project documents together is to use the document library. By setting up Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003 with Windows SharePoint Services, you can set up and maintain a document library. This way, all your team members

Insert Hyperlink and other stakeholders can view the documents through their Web browsers. They can also check documents in and out, providing vital version control.

For more information about setting up a document library with Windows SharePoint Services, see "Controlling Project Documents" on page 691.

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