Assigning Work Resources to Tasks

When you assign a work resource, you are attaching the resource name to a task and then indicating how much of the resource's total availability is to be devoted to this task.

When you first add a resource to the project plan, through the use of maximum units (also known as resource units), you specify how available this resource will be to this project. For example, if the resource is available full time on the project, say, 40 hours a week, you would probably specify that the resource has 100 percent maximum units. If another resource is available 20 hours a week, you would probably specify that this resource has 50 percent maximum units. If you have three of the same type of resource (for example, three graphic designers), you could indicate that there are 300 percent maximum units.

When you assign these resources to tasks, you take the idea of availability a step further by using assignment units. With maximum units, you specify resource availability to the project as a whole. With assignment units, you specify resource availability to the specific task to which the resource is assigned.

For example, one resource might be available full time to perform one task. When that's finished, she'll be assigned full time to the next task, and so on. Upon assigning this resource to the task, you therefore indicate 100 percent assignment units for this resource.

You might have another full-time resource, however, who is spending 40 percent of his time on one task and 60 percent of his time on another task that takes place at the same time. For the first task, you specify 40 percent assignment units; and for the second task, 60 percent. The assignment units specify the percentage of the full 100 percent maximum units being used for the task in question.

Now, take the case of a half-time resource (50 percent maximum units) who is spending all available time on one task. The maximum assignment units you can have for this resource is

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