Assigning Outline Codes

You can assign outline code values to tasks and resources as you would enter values for any other fields in Microsoft Project. You can type the values or, if you created a lookup table, choose one from a list.

To assign values for a custom outline code, follow these steps:

1 If your custom outline code doesn't appear in the current table, right-click a column heading and then click Insert Column on the shortcut menu.

2 In the Field Name box, click the outline code field (for example, Outline Code1) and then click OK.

If you renamed the outline code in the Customize Fields dialog box, you'll see your field listed both by its new name and its generic name.

3 Click a cell in the custom outline code column.

4 If no lookup table exists, type the value in the cell.

When a lookup table exists, click the down arrow in the cell, and then click an entry in the list (see Figure 25-29).

Task Name

Outline Codel


E Conceptual

85 days

E Planning and Control

20 days

Business plan identifying project opportunity


5 days

Define project objective and informal

BÜ 100 Western Divis

5 days

Identify industry standards for projet

10 R&D

5 days

Develop preliminary conceptual sche

r-Cl MG Manage

5 days

Initial planning complete


0 days

Develop appropriation strategy


5 days

Develop management model and staf

EM_| 12

5 days

B Site Assessment


40 days

Identify potential sites

10 days

Define infrastructure requirements

15 days

Figure 25-29. Click the down arrow in the outline code field to choose from the lookup table.

Tip Determining the correct format for an outline code

Without a lookup table, there is no way to identify the format for the outline code. However, if you enter a value that doesn't conform to the code mask, an error message appears that includes the correct format.

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