Assigning a Base Calendar to a Task

To assign a base calendar to a task, follow these steps:

1 Select the task to which you want to assign a base calendar.

2 On the Standard toolbar, click Task Information and then click the Advanced tab.

3 In the Calendar box, click the name of the calendar you want to assign to this task. All base calendars are listed, including ones you have created yourself.

A calendar indicator appears in the Indicator column. If you rest your mouse pointer over the indicator, a ScreenTip displays the name of the assigned calendar (see Figure 5-24). Follow this same procedure to change to a different task calendar or to remove the task calendar.


Task Name



□ Landscaping and Grounds Work

2 days



Pour concrete driveway and sidewalks

2 days


I^U The calendar 'Concrete' is assigned to

2 days


thetasl!" nntvarrt

2 days


Sod and complete plantings - backyard

1 day

Figure 5-24. Assign a calendar to a task to schedule it independently from the project or resource calendars.

Don't confuse the task calendar with the Calendar view. A task calendar reflects working days and times for one or more selected tasks. The Calendar view is a graphical representation of tasks and durations in a monthly calendar format. is

For more information about the Calendar view, see "Working with Graph Views" on page 104. °

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