Adding Resources from Your EMail Address Book

If Microsoft Project is installed on the same computer as your company's Microsoft Exchange e-mail connection, you can add resources to your project plan from the e-mail address book. To do this:

1 Click Insert, New Resource From, Address Book.

If the Choose Profile dialog box appears, click the profile name for your e-mail system. The Select Resources dialog box appears.

2 Click the resources you want and then click the Add button to add the selected resources to your project plan.

You can add all resources contained in a group or distribution list. Add the name of the group to your list, just as you would add an individual resource. When you click OK, Microsoft Project asks whether you want to expand the group to list the individual resources in the project plan.

Resource Information

Resource Information

Tip Add resources from Project Server

If you're connected to Project Server to use the enterprise features, Project Web Access 2003, or both, you have access to all existing resources identified in the server. Click Insert, New Resource From, Microsoft Project Server. The Build Team dialog box appears. Under Enterprise Resource, select the team members you want to add to your project and then click Add. The names are added to the Team Resource table. When finished, click OK.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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