Adding Resource Names Manually

To add resources to your project by simple data entry, follow these steps: 1 Click View, Resource Sheet to switch to the Resource Sheet view (see Figure 6-1).

Figure 6-1. Enter Resource information on the Resource Sheet.

2 Make sure the Entry table is applied. Click View, Table, Entry.

3 In the first Resource Name field, type the name of a resource and then press Enter.

4 Enter the names of other resources in the same way.

If a piece of equipment will be integral to the successful completion of a task, enter its name as a work resource, just as you would a human resource.

Tip Sort your resource names

When you have all the resources entered, you might want to sort them in a particular order and keep them in that order. In the Resource Sheet, click Project, Sort, Sort By. In the Sort By field, click the field you want the resources sorted by; for example, Name, or Group. Select the Permanently Renumber Resources check box and then click Sort. This procedure makes this particular order permanent because it renumbers the Unique ID for each resource.

Whenever you select the Permanently Renumber Resources check box and click Sort, it's a very good idea to open the Sort dialog box again, click Reset and then click Cancel. This process clears the Permanently Renumber Resources check box. This way, the next time you sort your resources for some temporary need, you won't inadvertently renumber the resources again.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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