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You might want to add certain key tasks from your project plan to your Outlook Tasks. Adding them can be helpful if there are certain tasks that you want to keep a closer eye on; for example, critical tasks or milestone tasks. Or, they might be tasks that you're assigned to, and you're tracking your own tasks in Outlook. To add project tasks to Outlook, simply use the Copy and Paste commands, as follows:

1 In your project plan, display a task view such as the Gantt Chart.

2 Select the name of the task you want to copy to Outlook.

You can copy and paste only one task at a time from Microsoft Project to Outlook. «j

Also, it's best to only select the task name. If you select multiple fields, the information ®

is all pasted together in the task Subject field in Outlook. jl o


3 On the Standard toolbar, click Copy.

4 Switch to Outlook and display the Tasks view.

5 Click in the Subject entry box labeled Click Here To Add A New Task.

6 Click Edit, Paste.

The copied task from Microsoft Project appears in the box (see Figure 18-4).

K Tasks - Microsoft Out took

File Edit View Favorites Tools Actions Help

0 New - <ü j^J Find ^ M Type a contact to find -r |]?| t ft Tasks

I Address

Folder List

D 0


Identify potential sites|


Develop management model and staff plan


Complete conceptual layout


Complete discipline-specific drawings and equipment list


Complete flow sheets and design criteria


Start conceptual layout


Start discipline-specific drawings and equipment list


Start flow sheets and design criteria


Complete deliverables list

- Personal Folders Calendar <£> Contacts Q Deleted Items <gi Drafts Inbox 0 Journal 0 Motes

Outbox O Sent Items Tasks

Figure 18-4. Use Copy and Paste to add a project task to Outlook.

7 Press Enter.

The task is added to the top of the Tasks list.

8 Repeat Steps 2-7 for any additional tasks you want to copy to Outlook.

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