Adding Material Resources to the Project

Any supplies that are integral to completing tasks can be added to your project plan as a material resource. Examples of such material resources might be steel for a building structure, roofing material for a home, and bricks for a landscaping project. You might have a task "Lay brick sidewalk," to which a bricklayer is assigned for a certain amount of time. You can also assign a quantity of bricks to the task. The bricklayer and the bricks are both essential resources to the completion of the task.

To enter a material resource:

1 Display the Resource Sheet with the Entry table applied.

2 In the next available Resource Name field, type the name of the material resource (for example, Bricks) and then press Tab.

3 In the Type field, click Material.

4 In the Material Label field, enter the unit of measurement for the material.

This measurement will differ depending on the nature of the material. It might be tons, yards, feet, cartons, and so on. When you specify that a resource is a material rather than a work resource, be aware of the following points:

• Maximum units (or resource units) and the associated variable availability are not applicable to material resources. You'll specify units (for example, 50 yards or 100 feet c per day) when you assign the material resource to a task. With these assignment units, pp you can track the usage of materials and possibly the depletion rate of materials. ® -

05 For more information about material resource assignments, see "Assigning Material Resources to Tasks" on page 213.

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