Adding Fields

Custom forms display fields that contain information about the selected tasks or resources. By default, you can view or edit any of the fields in a form. However, you can restrict a field so that it can't be edited.

To add a field to a form, follow these steps:

In the Microsoft Project Custom Form Editor window, click Item, Fields. The Item Information dialog box appears (see Figure 26-10).

Figure 26-10. You can specify the size, position, and field name as well as whether users can edit the field value.

2 To specify the location of the field, enter values in the X and Y boxes.

3 To specify the size of the field box, enter values in the Width and Height boxes.

Tip Resize a field box by dragging

After a field box is added to your form, you can easily resize it by dragging one of its edges or corners. You can also move the field box by dragging the center of the box to the new location.

4 In the Field box, click the field that you want to appear in the box.

Click the down arrow and then type the first character or two to move quickly to the field you want.

5 To prevent users from editing the field, select the Show As Static Text check box. A value appears in the field, but users can't edit those values.

6 Click OK.

The field box appears in the form as specified. Make any adjustments you want to the size and position of the field box.

7 Repeat this procedure for all field boxes you want to add to your custom form.

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