Adding Enterprise Resources by Name

You might already know exactly which enterprise resources you need to add to your team. If this is the case, find and add resources by name as follows:

1 Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server and check out the project to which you want to add resources.

Click Tools, Build Team From Enterprise.

If there are more than 1000 resources in the enterprise resource pool, a dialog box appears to help you prefilter the enterprise resources. In the Enterprise Outline Code field, select a code or other attribute to help define the list of resources you'll be working with. Click OK.

The Build Team dialog box appears (see Figure 22-15). The upper portion of the dialog box contains filters and options for finding resources that meet certain criteria. The Filtered Enterprise Resource table on the left contains enterprise resources. When no filter is applied, the table lists all members of your organization's enterprise resource pool. The Project Team Resources table on the right lists any enterprise and nonenterprise resources you have already added to the current project.

Options for filtering and finding resources with certain attributes

Options for filtering and finding resources with certain attributes

Enterprise resources Project team resources

Figure 22-15. Use the Build Team dialog box to add enterprise resources to your project.

By default, the enterprise resources are listed alphabetically by name. To be certain, you can re-sort the list by clicking the Enterprise Resources column heading.

3 Scroll through the Filtered Enterprise Resources table to find and select the resource by name.

You can select multiple resources at once. Use Shift to select multiple adjacent resources; use Ctrl to select multiple nonadjacent resources.

4 Click the Add button.

The selected resources are added to the Project Team Resources table.

Tip Find more information about an enterprise resource

You can learn more about a resource by clicking the resource name in either table and then clicking the Details button. The Resource Information dialog box opens for this resource. You can review information about availability, costs, and custom fields. This information is set up by users with special permission to edit resource information, as granted by the project server administrator.

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Project Management Made Easy

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