Adding Enterprise Resource Outline Codes

Your project server administrator is responsible for setting up the enterprise resource outline codes according to the needs of your organization.

For more information about creating enterprise resource outline codes, see Chapter 21.

To add a custom enterprise resource outline code to your enterprise project, follow these steps:

1 With Project Professional connected to the project server, check out the enterprise project to which you want to add the custom enterprise resource field.

2 Display the Resource Sheet and table to which you want to add the custom enterprise field.

3 Right-click the column heading where you want the custom enterprise field to be inserted. Click Insert Column on the shortcut menu.

4 In the Field Name box, find and click the custom enterprise resource field.

You'll know the name of the field from information you've received from your project server administrator.

Custom enterprise fields are listed twice: once using the generic enterprise field name (for example, Enterprise Resource Outline Code1) and again using the name the project server administrator gave it (for example, HR Level).

5 In the Insert Column dialog box, click OK.

A column containing the selected custom resource enterprise field appears in the sheet view.

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