Adding and Assigning Resources at the Same Time

Suppose that you want to assign a specific resource to a task, but that resource isn't listed in the Assign Resources dialog box because you haven't added him or her to your Resource Sheet yet. You can add new resources to your project plan while working in the Assign Resources dialog box and then immediately assign the newly added resource to tasks. You can then go to the Resource Sheet and complete any detailed resource information you want. To add new resources in the Assign Resources dialog box, follow these steps:

1 In the Gantt Chart or other task sheet, click the task to which you want to assign resources.

2 On the Standard toolbar, click Assign Resources to display the Assign Resources dialog box.

3 In the Resources table, type the resource name in the next available blank Resource Name field and then press Tab to enter the name and stay in the same field.

4 Click the Assign button.

The resource name moves to the top of the Resources list in the table, and 100% appears in the Units field for the resource.

5 Adjust the assignment units if necessary. Assign any additional tasks you want.

6 When finished, click the Close button.

7 Click View, Resource Sheet.

The new resources you added are listed. Modify any resource fields as necessary; for example, Group, Max. Units, Calendar, and so on.

Tip Add resource information from the Assign Resources dialog box

Double-click any resource name in the Assign Resources dialog box, and the Resource Information dialog box appears. Enter detailed resource information as appropriate.

You can add an entire group of resources from your e-mail address book, Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, or your Windows Server Active Directory to the Assign Resources dialog box, just as you can in the Resource Sheet. To add resources from a server, follow these steps:

1 With the Gantt Chart or other task sheet open, click Assign Resources on the Standard toolbar.

2 In the Assign Resources dialog box, click the Add Resources button.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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